Education & Workforce Task Force


Senator Larry Taylor

Senator Angela Paxton


Senator Kel Seliger

Representative Angie Chen Button

Representative Brooks Landgraf

Representative Jeff Leach


Representative Scott Sanford


Representative Lynn Stucky

Representative James White

The Task Force will focus on how to build on the school finance reforms and other successful education reforms enacted in 2019. The 86th Legislature made sweeping improvements to the state’s school finance system; the Task Force will review those changes and make additional recommendations to help ensure that the school finance system enables public schools to meet the needs of every Texas student. The Task Force will also review and make recommendations related to education opportunities like those found in digital education to help ensure that Texas remains on the forefront in these areas. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought these issues into sharp focus and they will be a major priority of the task force.

Ensuring that the state’s higher education system is meeting the needs of employers will also be a focus of the Task Force. From flagship public universities to the junior and community college system, resources must be utilized effectively so that the state continues to produce a skilled and educated workforce.

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