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Meet The Team

Clements Legislative Study Program Class of 2023

Part of the motto of the Texas Conservative Coalition is “Building the Future.” Cultivating the next generation of conservative leaders is part of that mission. Since 2009, TCCRI has been engaged in that effort through the Clements Legislative Study Program. The 2023 class has the distinct honor of being the largest in the program's history; with 14 Scholars in total serving in 12 different offices in the House and Senate during the 88th Legislative Session. With such a highly accomplished group of Scholars such as this; it is ensured that the future of the conservative movement is bright.


The Clements Legislative Study Program is unique among programs for interns in at the Texas Capitol. Providing one of the few opportunities for conservative students to be paid for their experience while being affiliated with the largest conservative legislative caucus in Texas. This effort is only possible through the support that TCCRI receives. 

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