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TCCRI was founded in 1996 by conservative leaders determined to implement conservative public policies in state government. TCCRI has distinguished itself as a leading state-based think tank and has been very successful in living up to its mission of shaping public policy through a principled approach to government. Its research reports, Task Forces, and policy summits have been instrumental in generating proposals that are shaping Texas government and influencing a new generation of conservative leadership.

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The Texas House Committee on Human Services recently met in a public hearing to evaluate the appropriate role of the state in overseeing Medicaid managed care contracts. For such a complex issue, the Committee received testimony from TCCRI’s policy experts. Our testimony illustrates several issues with the nature of the procurement process by which health plans may secure Medicaid managed care contracts. 


The cost of property & casualty insurance has risen dramatically across the nation in the last several years. In order to study the factors to explain this increase, the House Committee on Insurance met seeking input from industry stakeholders and policy experts. In its testimony to the Committee, TCCRI illustrated the near “perfect storm” of factors that have driven the sudden surge in costs, and highlighted some key policy considerations as property and casualty insurance becomes less affordable for Texans.



TCCRI is cultivating the next generation of conservative leaders through the Clements Legislative Study Program. TCCRI is recruiting interested students for the 2025 legislative session. Submit your resume through the following link.

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Contributions to TCCRI will be used for general operating costs and will not be used in connection with state or federal elections or to support or defeat any candidate for state or federal office

TCCRI is a non-profit educational charity, exempt from federal taxation under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Individual, corporate, foundation and PAC contributions are accepted.  Individual, corporate, and foundation contributions to TCCRI may be tax-deductible.  Please check with your tax advisor.

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