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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is a unique blend of elected officials and private sector experts and stakeholders:


Chairman - The Honorable Phil King



Vice Chairman - The Honorable Dan Patrick


Vice Chairman - The Honorable Christi Craddick 

Vice Chairman - The Honorable Lois Kolkhorst

Vice Chairman - The Honorable Geanie Morrison

Secretary - The Honorable Kelly Hancock



Vice Chairman - Mr. Bill Oswald 

Treasurer - Ms. Lara Keel

Public Sector Board Members

The Honorable Glenn Hegar

The Honorable Paul Bettencourt

The Honorable Donna Campbell, M.D.

The Honorable Joan Huffman

The Honorable Robert Nichols

The Honorable Tan Parker

The Honorable Charles Perry

The Honorable Charles "Doc" Anderson

The Honorable Tom Craddick

The Honorable James Frank

The Honorable Craig Goldman

The Honorable Stephanie Klick

The Honorable Jeff Leach

The Honorable Candy Noble

The Honorable Tom Oliverson

The Honorable Dennis Paul

Private Sector Board Members

Mr. Jeff Bonham


Ms. Mindy Carr

Ms. Brynna Clark

Ms. Jamie Dudensing

Mr. Eric Glenn

Mr. Michael Jewell

Mr. Dale Laine

Mr. Gavin Massingill

Ms. Rossanna Salazar

Ms. Rachael Schreiber

Ms. Carrie Simmons

Mr. Logan Spence

Mr. Ray Sullivan

Ms. Mary Tipps

Mr. Mike Toomey

Mrs. Leslie Ward

Mr. David White

Ms. Julie Williams

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