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Rep. Phil King Spearheads Pro Life Research

By TCCRI Staff. Dec. 9, 2019

A coalition of Representative Phil King, Texas Alliance for Life, and Attorney General Ken Paxton have put extensive time and effort into creating a comprehensive list of all pro life measures enacted in Texas since the Supreme Court's 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade. Their results, published under the title "The Texas Model: A National Leader in Building a Culture of Life," show 54 pro-life measures taken in Texas since 1977, including 47 since 1999. These measures have had a profound impact in terms of protecting unborn lives, as a special note from Rep. King highlights:

Our analysis demonstrates the great lengths to which the Texas Legislature has gone to restore parents’ rights to protect their daughters from abortion through parental notice and consent laws and to protect the health and safety of women at abortion facilities through requirements for basic hygienic, surgical, and informed consent standards comparable to the standard of care at outpatient medical facilities for other procedures.

The results have been dramatic. From 2010 to 2017, reported abortions in Texas have plummeted by 25,000 per year, a 32% drop. Abortions on minors have fallen by 70% since the first parental notice law went into effect.

The hope of the coalition is that other states will conduct similar studies in order to further advance the cause of protecting life.

To read more about The Texas Model and to view the results of the study, along with a special note from Rep. King, please click here.

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