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Whose America Is This?

As most reasonable Americans are, I am dismayed, deeply saddened, and pretty darn peeved (this is my nice word) at what transpired on Wednesday, January 6, 2021 in our great country and at our National Capitol. I want to be very clear from the onset-- violence, riot, extremism is not to be tolerated from anyone in this country, no matter what. Period. Complete stop.

Our country, including each and every one of us, needs a time out! That is right— I am putting on my mom pants. We need to go to our separate corners, honestly search our hearts and dissect our objectives; and when we have thought long and hard, we need to come back to the dinner table and have reasonable, adult conversations about the future of our country. Words have consequences. Actions have consequences. If we want to continue to be the great “Shining City on a Hill,” we need to get our act together.

Over the last decade, the very cornerstone of what makes our free country great, the ability to have civil discourse without retribution, has eroded away until we reached the meltdown of January 6th. We have each become so consumed by our own opinions and voices that we stopped listening to those of our neighbors, our friends, our fellow Americans. We have taken our eyes off of what is right and just and instead become entrenched in a game of “he said, she said” all hidden behind 140 characters on social media platforms.

I know I am not alone when I say, I love my country, flaws and all. I love my fellow Americans, each and every one. I don’t just love those who think like me, those who exist in the same echo chamber and make me feel good about my opinions and life choices. As a Christian love is what God has commanded me to do. I am to love my neighbor, my enemy, and, yes, my political foe.

Let’s all, Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, agree that what happened on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, was un-American and absolutely unacceptable. An election was held, and a winner declared. Let’s proceed with a peaceful transition of power and make a conscious decision to be more thoughtful, compassionate, and ultimately more productive as a collective United States of America as we move forward.


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