Energy & Infrastructure 

Task Force

The Task Force on Energy and Infrastructure will maintain TCCRI’s focus on ensuring that Texas’s energy and utility sectors continue to drive the state’s economic growth. Maintaining an economic environment that encourages exploration, development, and transportation of the state’s natural resources is key to this goal.  

TCCRI recently launched the Texas Energy Project in order to “advance the principles of free market competition and innovation in the energy sector[.]” The Energy and Infrastructure Task Force will work together with the Texas Energy Project in furtherance of this common cause. 

In 2021, winter storm Uri revealed the challenges faced by the energy sector during severe weather events. The Texas Legislature took several steps to help address those challenges. The Task Force will review them and make necessary recommendations still needed.  

The Task Force will also continue to develop recommendations related to funding for transportation infrastructure projects, and will develop any necessary policy recommendations to help ensure that the state remains on the vanguard of new telecommunications infrastructure, such as 5G wireless communications and statewide access to broadband technology. 

Task Force Topics: 

  • Winter Storm Uri: Review steps taken to address extreme weather preparedness and make additional recommendations as necessary. 

  • Oil & Gas: Policies to maintain the state’s leadership in innovation and utilization of natural energy resources. 

  • Nuclear Energy: Study the safety and efficacy, the state’s needs, and the process for approval.

  • Transportation: Review the state’s needs for critical transportation infrastructure, including private finance, and discuss potential reforms to operation of toll roads and toll authorities. 

  • Broadband: Review the state’s efforts on broadband connectivity and make necessary recommendations. 

  • Fifth Generation (5G) Wireless Communications: Explore the need, if any, for the state to help facilitate further development of this technology as deployment continues.