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Criminal Justice & Government Reform
Task Force

The 2023-24 TCCRI Criminal Justice & Government Reform Task Force explored a variety of areas to help ensure that the state and local governments in Texas operate efficiently and with due respect for the rights of Texans. Newly added to the Task Force’s responsibilities was the “legislative reform” aspect of the Task Force, which explored ways to make the legislative process more efficient and transparent. The Task Force pays particularly close attention to public safety, making recommendations related to the number of officers serving a particular population, to remedy issues related to district attorneys who are not fulfilling the obligations of the offices they were elected to serve, and to bail reform. Once again, the Task Force recommends reforming and/or abolishing the practice of civil asset forfeiture. With respect to further criminal justice reforms, the Task Force continues to make recommendations related to reforming the state’s State Jail Felony tier of crimes. Lastly, the Report recommends a number of election-related reforms, as well as reasonable reforms to taxpayer benefits given to public sector union employees. 

Please read the Final Report here.

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