Health Care &
Human Services 
Task Force


Senator Kelly Hancock 

Senator Angela Paxton


Senator Charles Perry

Senator Kel Seliger

Representative James Frank

Representative Stephanie Klick

Representative Candy Noble


Representative Tom Oliverson

Representative James White

The Task Force will focus on ensuring that Texas lawmakers are prepared to address the state’s myriad health and human services issues with commonsense market-driven policies. While the ACA and future of the Medicaid program remain a paramount issue, the Task Force will also expand its focus to ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of other government-subsidized HHS programs, increasing access to care for all Texans, encouraging innovation in how care is accessed and reimbursed, and reducing unnecessary and costly mandates that drive up the cost of health care. The Task Force will also continue to focus on the state’s managed care system as the most effective approach to delivery of Medicaid services.