Free Enterprise & Government Regulation 

Task Force


Senator Kelly Hancock 

Senator Angela Paxton


Representative Kyle Biedermann

Representative Dewayne Burns

Representative Phil King

Representative Brooks Landgraf

Representative Geanie Morrison


Representative Candy Noble

Representative Tom Oliverson

The objective of the Task Force is to reduce the burden that government places on the private sector economy by repealing unnecessary regulations and restrictions on the free market. Whether it be state-level occupational licensing regulations or local ordinances on mandatory sick leave, a plethora of governmental regulations hamper the free market for goods, services, and labor. 

Specifically, the Task Force will revisit previous legislative recommendations related to deregulation of automobile sales, alcoholic beverage sales, and the state’s title insurance marketplace. The Task Force will advocate continued occupational licensing reform and will explore proposals to roll back unnecessary governmental regulations across the Texas economy, from short-term rentals to environmental permitting. 

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