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Free Enterprise & Government Regulation 

Task Force

The objective of the Task Force on Free Enterprise and Government Regulation is to reduce the burden that government places on the private sector economy by repealing unnecessary regulations and restrictions on the free market. Whether it be state-level regulatory hurdles or deliberately created local obstacles, a plethora of governmental regulations hamper the free market for goods, services, and labor. The Task Force will revisit previous legislative recommendations related to deregulation across a variety of sectors of the state’s economy. The Task Force will advocate for continued occupational licensing reform and will explore proposals to roll back unnecessary regulations across the Texas economy. 

Task Force Topics:

  • Local Overreach: Fights at the local level over regulatory overreach continue. The Task Force will review the current state of affairs after making this issue a priority for several legislative sessions. It will continue to explore preemption where local laws burden individual liberty, private property, and the ability to start and effectively run businesses.  

  • Alcoholic Beverage Sales: The Task Force will continue to look at ways to ease burdens on the production and sale of alcohol.  

  • Occupational Licensing: The Task Force will review successful reforms of the last several sessions and continue to recommend licenses for repeal and reform, including preemption of local licensing regulations.  

  • Supply Chain: The free flow of goods into and throughout the United States is an increasingly important issue. The Task Force will discuss supply chain delays, how they impact Texas, and what actions, if any, state government and legislators can take to help alleviate them.  

  • Universal Service Fund Education and Update: A regular topic of legislative interest, the Texas Universal Service Fund is grossly misunderstood with respect to its original purpose and current role. The Task Force will hold a meeting to educate and update legislators and stakeholders on these issues. 

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