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Testimony to the Senate Committee on Administration-Developing a Clear Budget for Legislative Agencies





Texas’ General Appropriations Act (GAA) contains a vast amount of information. Indeed, literally every dollar that the state spends is, by definition, accounted for in the state budget. This is necessarily a vast amount of information because in the current biennium, the legislature appropriated $216 billion in all funds, or approximately $7,600 for every person residing in the state. These appropriations come from four main sources of revenue:

  • State general revenue (GR): tax revenues collected by the state that are not dedicated for a specific purpose

  • Dedicated general revenue (GR-D): tax revenues collected by the state that are collected for a specific purpose

  • Federal funds: funds received from the federal government for specific purposes or programs

  • Other funds: funds that do not fall into any of the other criteria listed above (this includes revenue such as trust funds, bond proceeds, and interagency contracts)



Click here to read the entire testimony.

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