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TCCRI Statement on Railroad Commission's Decision on Proration

AUSTIN– Following The Texas Railroad Commission's decision against imposing oil production cuts, the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute released the following statement:

Mia Garza McCord, President:

"TCCRI applauds the Texas Railroad Commission’s decision to not mandate production cuts on Texas oil. While Texas is on a path to recovery, it needs to be done under the same free market and limited government principles that has made Texas an economic leader in the country.

As stated by our General Counsel Russell Withers in our submitted testimony, 'TCCRI’s principles of free enterprise and limited government are central features of Texas’s oil and gas industry. Even though that industry is in a difficult position, it shares that position with the rest of the world, and when it recovers, it will do so on the strength of those principles.' "

You can find the rest of the written testimony here.

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