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Public Policy Analyst

TCCRI seeks a public policy analyst to help the organization in its mission to produce, promote, and implement conservative policies in state government. This position does not require any specialized knowledge in one specific area of public policy. TCCRI policy analysts are often asked to engage in a broad range of topics. A general interest in state government and the ability to see and frame any public policy issue through a conservative lens is a must. 

Candidates should have the ability to conduct research. Ideal candidates will have experience finding relevant information in studies and reports produced by legislative committees, state agencies, private organizations, and outside interest and advocacy groups. Acceptable candidates without this prior knowledge will be quick learners with guidance.

Candidates must have the ability to write clearly and persuasively. Policy analysts will be asked to, for example:

  • Summarize with clarity what a specific government program does, be honest and critical about its flaws and positive traits, and be willing to offer suggestions for reform, expansion, or abolition.

  • Explain with clarity what a specific bill in the state legislature does. What is the existing law? How will the bill change it? Is that a desirable or undesirable change from a conservative ideological perspective?

Job responsibilities include developing written policy proposals and rollouts, authoring literature in support of TCCRI positions, delivering public testimony before legislative committees when appropriate, and representing TCCRI as a speaker in other public and private settings.

Candidates should be self-driven. They should have a desire to seek out new information and policy developments as they arise. They should have a willingness to engage on public policy issues with those who agree, and those who do not. 

This is a full-time position with benefits. Salary is commensurate with experience. 

Please send resume and cover letter to TCCRI Director of Policy, Russell Withers (

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