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Automated Driving Systems

Introduction Once an unattainable fantasy in science fiction, self-driving cars, or automated driving systems (ADSs), present the rapidly approaching reality of a revolution in transportation. An ADS is an automobile capable of guiding itself without human conduction in specific parameters known as Operational Design Domain.A plethora of benefits from dramatic increases in safety and productivity to reduction of traffic and congestion have at least 44 companies working to develop ADSs and bring them to market for public use. These include transportation innovators like Tesla, Uber, and Lyft, traditional automobile manufacturers like Audi, VW Group, Ford, General Motors, and BMW, and technology companies not currently thought of as transportation companies, like Apple, Google, and Microsoft.With research ongoing in multiple areas related to ADSs, this paper contains an examination of the existing arguments in terms of benefits provided by ADSs. It also explores public concerns related to ADSs. Lastly, it provides a current snapshot of the regulatory landscape in terms of federal and state action relating to the development and deployment of ADS technology.

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