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TCCRI Statement in Support of Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick, and Speaker Bonnen's Stance on Police

August 18, 2020

Our law enforcement officers selflessly sacrifice day in and day out for the protection of each and every one of us. While we fully acknowledge that there are bad actors in the field, we also know the vast majority of peace officers do this job because they love the communities and people they serve. The reckless, politically driven decision by the City of Austin to slash the police budget by $150 million is both short sighted and dangerous to the community. It, more importantly, sends the wrong message to those who are only interested in harming their fellow Texans.

We applaud Governor Abbott, Lt. Governor Patrick, Speaker Bonnen, and all our state leadership who today sent a message loud and clear in support of our men and women in blue, our everyday heroes. We support your efforts and commit to working alongside you on to continue supporting our law enforcement departments across the state.

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