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National Review Online: Texas Governor Abbott Has Made It Easier, Not Harder, to Vote

Published on on October, 13, 2020

By Russell H. Withers. October. 13, 2020

Texas Governor Abbott has made voting in upcoming elections — both in-person and by mail-in ballot — easier and more accessible. Claims to the contrary are intellectually dishonest or plain lazy. Either way, they are falsehoods.

In an October 1, 2020, proclamation, Governor Abbott restricted in-person drop-off locations for mail ballots to a single early-voting clerk’s office in each county. The claims of voter suppression were immediate. The Texas Tribune argued that Governor Abbott’s actions bolstered “GOP efforts to restrict voting.” The Houston Chronicle agreed, calling it “voter suppression — plain and simple.” The national media played along too, with the New York Times reporting that Governor Abbott’s “decision to reduce options for voters to drop off their ballots comes as questions of voting rights, voter suppression and the integrity of election have emerged as major issues in the 2020 campaign.”

Read the entire piece here.

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